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Headlights Shinning Bright Protect My Car

4 Tips To Keep Your Headlights Shinning Bright

headlights total car care Your car’s headlights serve as among your significant deal breakers for road safety: either you drive to your destinations at night safely or risk attracting accidents due to the lack of properly-working blinkers....
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Protect My Car Extended Warranty Top 10 Cars in Movies

Top 10 Cars in Movies

Cars in Films Hollywood and cars, a match made in heaven some might say. Movies have brought us some of the most iconic cars in history and it's easy to see why. They are sleek, fast, and capture our imagination. Whom among us can't see...
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pacific coast highway road trip

Essential Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip Locations

  Cruising Down the PCH Travelling along the Pacific Coast Highway serves as among the best road trip choices for locals and foreigners in America. Amazing views of the Pacific with specific vista points can be seen when driving all...
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Ford Extended Warranty Protection Protect My Car

What Makes the Ford Maintenance Process Vital

Ford: Built Tough The Detroit-based firm’s pick-up trucks are one of the world’s hard working units. The truth is these all-wheel and four-wheel drives have been overly-used by its owners due to the belief that these types of mobiles are...
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Spider-Man Homecoming 2019 Audi A8

Spider-Man Homecoming 2019 Audi A8

Spider-Man Homecoming 2019 Audi A8 Spider-Man Homecoming 2019 Audi A8, one thing I have always loved about the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Tony Stark's love of cars. Ever since he drove the Audi R8 in the first Iron Man film, the R8 has...
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Reading road trip map

6 Ways For Planning The Best Road Trip

Taking The Best Road Trip Smashing the freeway for a long-distance road trip is truly a blissful experience. But despite the signature spontaneity that comes with road trips, it remains important to have a well-thought plan for them. Avoid...
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Fast 50 Tampa bay business Journal

Extended Vehicle Warranty Leader Protect My Car Named to Tampa Bay Business Journal’s “Fast 50” List

Companies named to the Fast 50 must be privately-held, locally-owned, headquartered in West Central Florida, and have achieved substantially above-market consecutive annual revenue growth from 2014 to 2016. TAMPA, FLORIDA...
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Jeep Maintenance

Jeep Maintenance Becomes Essential

  Jeep on the Road Jeep has been around since 1941, and if you have owned one you know if you do all the proper Jeep maintenance you have vehicle that will be around for many years.  It is quite astounding to see the classic cars of the...
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Protect My Car Maintenance App

The Top 10 Maintenance Apps For Your Phone

  Top 10 Maintenance Apps For Your Phone These days, solving any real-life predicament is now possible through accessing your smartphone’s App Store, to find a solution, can that be the case for vehicle maintenance apps too?  In fact,...
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Road Trip Play list on spotify protect my car Couple

Making The Perfect Road Trip Playlist on Spotify

Making the perfect Road Trip Playlist Anyone and everyone will always be up for adventures. Adventures does not necessarily mean you must cross oceans and countries in order for you to have a good time but rather, there are many local...
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Money saving road trip

Money Saving Tips For Your Next Road Trip

Road Trip Savings A road trip is always a fun experience, but it’s not exactly known to be an affordable one. That’s why it pays that you know how to manage your financial matters well when going on a road trip. You’ll never know when you’ll...
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Service Shop Protect My Car

Knowing When Mechanics Take Advantage of Customers

Time to Visit a Mechanic Consider this. You’re car suddenly stalled. It just makes sense to find a mechanic nearby for assistance. In minutes, you and your automobile are inside one of hundreds of  service center. A lot of tinkering soon...
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Road Trip Planning Map Protect My Car

10 Tips How to Plan the Perfect Road Trip

Planning a Road Trip? More Like Planning an Adventure Planning a road trip may differ from person to person. Some prefer to go with the flow and be spontaneous all throughout the trip while others enjoy creating timetables and scheduled...
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Car Maintenance Checklist Protect my Car

On Preparing a Car Maintenance Checklist: Knowing The Basics Before Hitting The Road

Car Maintenance Checklist Every driver should never understate the importance of car maintenance.  It helps in improving vehicle performance as it goes together with protecting a well-earned investment. But as with all other life priorities,...
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Why Roadside Assistance Matters

A Roadside Story Many driver take roadside assistance for granted. Some driver might not even know they have it. I personally cannot tell you the number of times that roadside assistance has come to my rescue. Locked keys, flat tire, or...
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Best Cars for Road Trip Protect my Car

Rounding Up The Best Road Trip Cars In Today’s Market

Finding the Best Road Trip Car A road trip can be memorable in two ways: it can either be remembered as a pleasant experience or a miserable ordeal. Surely, nothing compares to the joy of exchanging the mundanities of life for the splendid...
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California Road Trip Protect My Car

10 Breathtaking Stops That Make The California Road Trip

California Love The US West Coast is popularly known as a place with a rich road trip culture, what with its vast network of highways and seemingly-endless choice of destinations anyone can feast their senses on. This is why California road...
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Couple Watching Road Trip Movies Protect My Car

15 Road Trip Movies For You To Watch

Road Trip Movies Road Trips make fantastic vacation getaways, but as far as anyone knows going on one can cost a lot of money. So, if you have nothing to do on the next long work break, consider treating yourself to a road trip movie binge –...
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New England Portland ME Light House Protect My Car

Five Perfect New England Road Trip Locations

New England Travel Plans New England is always a perfect place for Americana-inspired road trips, considering its rich historical heritage that helped shape much of modern-day U.S. But did you know that the U.S. East Coast becomes a uniquely...
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Packing for Road trip tips protect my car

The Essential Road Trip Packing List: 10 Basic Items for The Long Haul

  10 Tips for Any Road Trip Going out for your highly-anticipated road trip? Consider these essentials if you’re out to spend at least five hours on the freeway or on parts unknown. This road trip packing list can get you covered for your...
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Best Car Wax Protect My Car

Today’s Top 4 Best Car Waxes

Today's Top 4 Best Car Waxes Great car wax can keep your vehicle looking brand-new but if you can find the best car wax on the market you can make an older vehicle look new even if you have had it for quite some time already. However, with so...
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Girl Roading roadtrip map Protect my car

Using A Road Trip Planner With Stops? Consider These Valuable Tips

Let's Go on a Road Trip Road trips can never be successful without comprehensive planning. Although a sustainable attitude to road trips is always fantasized in popular culture, it nonetheless comes off as impractical in the long run. With...
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What You Need to Know About Vehicle Safety

Road Safety Basics If you think that vehicle safety is about maneuvering your car carefully along the highway and safe driving,  you are wrong. For most drivers, protecting their lives and the state of their automobiles is essentially the main...
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road trip required maintenance plan

Road Trip Required Maintenance

Road Trip Required Maintenance Plan Road trip required maintenance plan s a very import piece to planning your next road trip. To have the best road trip experience, having the best working car would give the most out of this experience....
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worldwide road trip

Worldwide Road Trip List of Places

Worldwide Road Trip The world is such a big place, but anyone can only realize that once they expose themselves more often in the open. And what other better way can that be done other than spending hours on the road in pursuit of the best...
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road trip inspiration

Best Kinds Of Road Trip Inspiration

Road Trip InspirationGoing on a road trip often comes as a brainchild of inspiration – either because you’re moved by scenery changes or you need to be motivated to get going in your otherwise-mundane everyday life. It’s like taking a break to...
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Road Trip Guide

Road Trip Guide provided by Protect My Car

Road Trip Guide - Going Cross Country... Road trip guide, for those of you that are able to make your dream a reality and you are able to take a wonderful cross country road trip, considering that several life commitments may be hindering it...
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Best Extended Car Warranty Company

Do You Need Extended Auto Warranty Coverage?

Do you need extended auto warranty coverage? Purchasing an auto extended warranty is a decision that can impact your long-term financial goals. Either you don’t buy one and suffer the brunt of continuous damage to your car for the next year or...
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Route 66 Road Trip

Route 66 Road Trip

Route 66 Road Trip: Sights To Behold Along America's Iconic Freeway A Route 66 Road Trip has always been a dream for road trippers looking to enjoy the best of what the US offers. The vast highway traverses through landscapes highly...
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Road Trip Ideas

Road Trip Ideas

Road Trip Ideas For A Wonderful All-American Excursion Some people just want to make the best out of their lives, and they have several ideas for doing so. A good number of them would consider going on a road trip as a great escape that lets...
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Seasonal Road Trip

Your Seasonal Road Trip

Perfect US Destinations For The Seasonal Road Trip Whatever the time of the year is, a seasonal road trip offers a soothing respite from the rigors of everyday life. You may find yourself being in the mood to enjoy stunning mountain views up...
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Perfect Road Trip

The Perfect Road Trip

Make Your Perfect Road Trip Possible Through These Useful Tips Going on a road trip is certainly one of the most enjoyable ways to spend your precious vacation time. It can help create great memories as it allows a blissful mix of flexible...
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Road Trip Planning

Planning Your Road Trip

Road Trip Planning: Consider These Tips Going out from your everyday comfort zone (or your mundane everyday life, if you’d put it that way) to venture forth on a road trip certainly helps you in your need to refresh. But as with many other...
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Road Trip Gas Calculator

Save Gas Money On Your Next Road Trip

Key Reasons Why A Road Trip Gas Calculator Counts Anyone who has a fair knowledge on road trips would know that gas expenses make them costly. Just like how any runner would need copious amounts of water to keep going in long-distance...
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Car Maintenance Schedule

Car Maintenance Essentials

Essentials For Your Regular Car Maintenance Schedule Having a strong car maintenance schedule is very beneficial to your vehicles health. Maintaining your car regularly is part of a healthy regimen on keeping yourself safe on the road, apart...
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Awake on the road

Road Trips: Tips To Stay Awake On The Road

Driving In A Road Trip? Five Ways To Keep Yourself Awake On The Road In a group of people going on a road trip, those who are used to driving get to be shortlisted as candidates to take over the wheel for the long haul (in the absence of a...
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California Road Trip

California Road Trip: Top 5 Places To Visit

California Road Trip on A Budget: Five Affordable Golden State Destinations The state of California is a melting pot of interesting characters, largely characterized by its massive land area that takes a good portion of the US’ West Coast....
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Road Trip Budgeting

Road Trip Budgeting: A Few Simple Ways To Plan

Road Trip Budgeting Road trip budgeting is a great way to have the ability to take more vacations each year.  Like it or not, road trips come at a price – it’s terribly unimaginable to go out and venture forth on a road trip without having to...
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road trip meme

Enjoy Your Road Trip

Road Trip Meme - Avoid Becoming A Lousy Road Trip Meme With These Proper Travel Attitudes Enjoying a road trip isn’t merely a way to get away from negative attitudes, avoid becoming a lousy road trip meme yourself with proper travel attitudes....
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Protect My Car Careers

Is An Extended Auto Warranty Worth It?

Ask Yourself: Is An Extended Auto Warranty Worth It? Purchasing a new car from a dealership typically leads you to this scenario – you walk into the dealer’s office to discuss Q&As with your dealer, sign the papers closing the sale, then...
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Historic Road Trip

A Journey Back In Time: Historic Road Trip Destinations

A Journey Back In Time: Historic Road Trip Destinations In New England Many consider New England one of  the most interesting regions to explore in the US for a historic road trip. It’s the first area that served as settlements for the people...
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Car Insurance vs Car Warranty, Do you really need both?

Car Insurance vs Car Warranty Do you really need both? Car Insurance vs Car Warranty and the best reasons to carry both types of coverage plans to prevent any auto related financial burden on you or your family.  Both a car warranty and car...
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auto insurance quote

Save Money On Car Insurance Today

Save Money on Car Insurance - Read These Useful Tips! Among your primary duties as a responsible car owner is to have car insurance, regardless if it’s brand-new or secondhand but that doesn't mean you can't save money on car insurance. As a...
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Simple Steps To Changing Car Insurance

Changing Your Insurance?

Changing Car Insurance: Learn These Simple Steps! Consumer preferences change over time, and the same is undoubtedly prevalent in the case of car insurance. May it be due to circumstantial adjustments or sheer dissatisfaction over service...
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Auto Insurance Facts and a few things you need to know

Auto Insurance Facts: Things You Need To Know

Auto Insurance Facts - Things You Need to Know Auto Insurance Facts: 1.  Gap Insurance Auto insurance facts, let’s start with gap insurance, gap insurance will supplement the difference of what your auto insurance company will not pay out when...
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why auto insurance counts

Auto Insurance Counts – Top Reasons Why

Auto Insurance Counts Understanding why auto insurance counts is a very important topic, it provides financial stability when your family may need it most.  A sound investment always provides you with insurmountably favorable returns, and the...
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cool ways to decorate

Cool Ways To Decorate Your Car For The Holidays

Let Protect My Car help you find some cool ways to decorate your car for the Holiday's There’s nothing like having that sense of fulfillment over getting to have full rein on customizing your car – from tuning its performance to improving its...
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rental car important

Rental Car – Why A Rental Car Can Be So Important

Rental Car and the Importance of having one available. Whether you’re heading out of town for vacation or visiting another city for business, having access to rental car deals is certainly helpful, even if you’re driving your own car. While...
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car ready for the road

Is Your Car Ready For The Road

The importance of having your car ready for the road Your car is truly a very useful machine - it’s no wonder that it enables you to reach point B from point A with all the comfort and convenience it can provide. However, you have to...
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rental cars

Rental Cars: What you need to know about rental cars

Rental Cars - Read these tips before getting a ride to your local rental car provider When you’re not keen on taking the cab to work or using public transportation for your errands – at a time when your car’s being tinkered on in the garage...
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