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You Can Save 25% On Your Car Insurance

We compare dozens of car insurance quotes from the largest providers in the industry to make sure you get the best rate. Car insurance companies may change their rate each month, so by shopping around at least once a year, you are much more likely to get the best rate.



When was the last time you shopped around for car insurance? If you have been with the same company for years, you may be paying far more than you should.

Car insurance prices change monthly. On average, premiums are up almost 41% since 2010.

Quite frankly, it is a pain in the butt to comparison shop and sort through all the insurance mumbo jumbo.

You just want the same great coverage, without paying an arm and a leg.

That is where we come in. Once you request a quote from us, we assign one of our licensed insurance agents to get you quotes from over 30 major AM Best Rated Carriers, including big names like Progressive & Liberty Mutual.

The best part is you don’t have to do anything. Your agent finds you the best rates for free, and then sends them to you, with no pressure to switch.

On average, most people can save between 15-25%, although some save up to 50%.

Image of insurance companies that Protect My Car has partnered with.