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Should You Buy a Ford Extended Warranty?


Ford Motor Company has been making cars for 116 years and has manufactured over 350 million vehicles. Today, they are responsible for some of the best-selling cars on the market, including what is widely regarded as the king of the pickup trucks, the F150. If you buy a new Ford, you’ll want to keep it looking new for as long as possible, and that involves asking a very important question — should you buy a Ford extended warranty?

What Does the Ford Warranty Cover?

ford extended warranty coverageFord refers to its extended warranty plans as service plans and maintenance plans. This is typically bundled together with pre-determined costs for scheduled vehicle servicing and maintenance. It’s a common tactic car dealerships use to squeeze additional money out of their customers by getting them to sign a contract agreeing to spend a predetermined amount of money on servicing.

To weigh up the pros and cons of extended car warranties, we need to examine the four levels of Ford’s extended warranty coverage available. They are Ford PowertrainCARE, Ford BaseCARE, Ford ExtraCARE, and Ford PremiumCARE.

Ford PowertrainCARE

The Ford PowertrainCare is Ford’s entry-level service maintenance plan. It only covers the following 29 engine and transmission components:

• Exhaust and intake manifold.

• Oil pan and pump.

• Thermostat and thermostat housing.

• Timing chain and cover.

• Turbocharger/supercharger.

• Valve covers.

• Water pump.

• All internal transmission parts.

• Torque convertor.

• Transfer case.

• Transmission case.

• Axle shafts.

• Drive and front axle housings.

• Driveshaft.

• C.V. and universal joints.

Ford BaseCARE

Ford BaseCARE is the next level above the basic service package. It covers 84 components, mostly related to the drivetrain. The Ford BaseCARE plan adds the following components:

• Harmonic balancer and bolt.

• Steering column lock (tilt wheel).

• Steering control valve.

• Cooler and lines.

• Idler arm.

• Steering linkage and couplings.

• Power steering pump.

• Steering pulley assembly.

• Steering gear housing.

• Brake booster and calipers.

• Brake combination valve.

• Brake lines and fittings.

• Master cylinder.

• Parking brake linkage and cables.

• Self-adjusters.

• Brake pedal shaft.

• Wheel cylinders.

• Upper and lower ball joints.

• Control arms, shafts and bushings.

• MacPherson struts.

• Kingpins and bushings.

• Spindle and spindle support springs.

• Stabilizer bar.

• Tie rods.

• A/C clutch and clutch bearings.

• A/C compressor, head, and seals.

• A/C condenser.

• Evaporator.

• Field coil.

• Ignition switch.

• Radiator fan relay.

• Speedometer/odometer.

• Starter motor and starter motor solenoid.

• Wiper motors.

• Voltage regulator.

• Wiring harnesses.

Ford ExtraCARE

Ford ExtraCARE is Ford’s upper-middle service plan. It covers 113 components and adds some high-tech coverage, including:

• Flywheel ring gear.

• Fuel tank and lines.

• Gas fuel injectors and fuel lines.

• Radiator.

• Radiator fan.

• Transmission governer assembly.

• External transmission module.

• Transmission mounts.

• Vacuum module.

• Anti-lock brake module and sensor.

• A/C accumulator.

• Automatic temperature control.

• Heater blower motor.

• Heater core assembly.

• Instrument cluster.

• Keyless entry system.

• Power antenna.

• Power door locks.

• Power seat motors.

• Power window motors and regulators.

• Speed control.

Ford PremiumCARE

As the name suggests, this is Ford’s premium extended service plan. Ford claims this covers over 1,000 parts, which sounds like a lot, but as a typical car is made up of approximately 30,000 parts, it’s not as extensive as Ford would like you to believe.

The PremiumCARE warranty adds coverage for:

• PCM module.

• Transmission linkage and kickdown linkage.

• Transmission release hubs and bearings.

• Front and rear wheel bearings.

• Load leveler suspension system.

• Roll stability control.

• Heater control assembly.

• Instrument panel registers and air ducts.

• Intelligent 4WD system.

• Electrical mirror components (not glass).

• Power running boards.

• Rear window power sunshade.

• Temperature gauge.

• Vista roof.

• Wiper-activated headlamps.

• In-dash Garmin navigation system.

• Rain sensing wipers.

• Rear console refrigeration.

• Reverse camera and sensing system.

• Roll stability control.

• Securicode and Securilock.

• SOS post-crash alert system.

• Stationary elevated ride control.


• Select rear suspension components.

• Select emissions components.

• Select audio components.

• Select safety components.

What Does a Ford Warranty Cost?

ford warranty costFord chooses not to advertise the price of its extended warranty, leaving it up to each individual Ford dealer to set its own price. They set the price of the warranty according to the type of vehicle you’re applying the warranty against. If it’s a new vehicle purchased from Ford and still under factory warranty, the price is typically lower than if the car has been purchased elsewhere or has a high number of miles.

The price is also relative to the cost of your nominated deductible and what additional options are selected. Ford owners on FocusST.org have reported paying between $900 and $1200 for their Ford extended warranty. Commonly, car dealers will try and package the price of the extended warranty in with the purchase price of the vehicle in order to bump up the monthly repayment amount. This is a practice to be wary of, as it means you’ll be paying interest on your warranty policy as well as the purchase price of your vehicle.

What Doesn’t the Ford Warranty Cover?

ford warranty doesnt coverWhat the Ford extended warranty doesn’t cover depends on the level of coverage you get and which options you select at the time of purchase.

An interesting exercise when considering the pros and cons of extended car warranties is to consider common problems with the current Ford models and see if they are covered. Some of the common problems on the current generations of Fords which are not covered include:

• Lug nuts swell and can’t be removed.

• Door latch failure — A recall was issued on select vehicles, but only power door locks are covered under warranty, so if your replacement door latch fails as well, you’re out of luck.

• Ford MyTouch screen unresponsive.

• Vista roof glass cracking.

Ford’s extended warranty does a decent job of providing drivetrain protection, but these known issues and common complaints should be included.

A surprising omission from the Ford extended warranty is the cylinder head and head gasket. These are some of the most expensive parts to replace on a vehicle, and while Ford does cover certain parts of the cooling system, should they fail and cause the head gasket to require replacement, the owner will be out of pocket for the majority of the repair. Ford is not one of the worst extended warranty companies, but they do have a long list of exclusions, including:

• Damage caused by accident, collision, or car wash (remember, paint is not covered).

• Damage caused by vandalism or theft.

• Fire or explosion.

• Damage caused by contaminated fuel or using the incorrect type or grade of fluids.

• Damage caused by additives.

• Flood damage.

• Overloading, racing, or anything the dealership deems to be classed as misuse.

• Damage caused by modifying or altering the vehicle in any way (including electronic components).

• Tampering or changing the emissions, exhaust or air intake system.

• Damage caused by the installation of any non-Ford or aftermarket part (even if it’s been installed by Ford).

• Environmental damage.

• Dents and dings.

• Tears, cuts, punctures, and burns.

• Scratches and stone chips.

• Windshield damage, chips, and cracks.

• Any parts required to maintain the vehicle as per the scheduled service intervals.

• SYNC Hands-free communication and entertainment system.

• Tire damage and wear.

What Vehicle Years Are Covered?

The Ford extended warranty/service plan is available on all current model Fords that are still covered by the new vehicle factory warranty. The extended warranty must be purchased while the new vehicle warranty is valid. The Ford extended warranty is unavailable for used vehicles or those not currently covered by a Ford new vehicle warranty

What Extra Options Does a Ford Warranty Have?

ford warranty extrasSome of the shortfalls in the Ford extended warranty are deliberate to encourage the customer to purchase additional options. The options available are as follows.

Ford TireCARE

Amusingly, by Ford’s own admission, the TireCARE package is designed to help customers avoid “gotchas,” or situations where customers expect to be covered by Ford’s extended warranty but are not. The TireCARE warranty is available for both new and used vehicles sold at any Ford dealership.

Although TireCARE claims to cover the cost of damage to tires and wheels, it is still subject to certain conditions. Tire replacement costs are covered by damage caused by potholes, glass, road debris, nails, blowouts, and metal. The replacement cost of wheels is also covered if the damage prevents the tire from sealing properly or seating on the wheel.

There are some exclusionary conditions with the Ford TireCARE warranty. Any cosmetic damage to wheels or tires is not covered. Damage caused by low tire pressure is not covered. Normal wear and tear is also excluded, as is damage caused by road conditions at construction sites. Abnormal tire wear for any reason and dry rot are also not covered. Any tire with less than 3/32″ of treadwear is excluded from TireCARE coverage.

Ford will also try and repair the tire wherever possible, only replacing the tire if it is deemed to be non-repairable. If a tire is to be replaced, Ford will replace it with a tire that is similar in quality.

Ford DentCARE

DentCARE is an option for Ford owners who want to get minor cosmetic damage repaired. Ford’s Paintless Dent Repair procedure is used to repair dings and dents that are less than 4 inches in diameter. This is a fairly quick procedure that can be done while the owner waits, as the body panel is repaired by flexing and manipulation.

The exclusionary causes are that the paint must not require repair. Damage caused by vandalism is not covered by DentCARE, and if a dent or ding is judged to not be repairable by the Ford’s Paintless Dent Repair, it will not be covered by this policy.

Ford WindshieldCARE

A broken windshield can happen at any time, and the Ford WindshieldCARE has been designed to cover minor damage, cracks, and chips. Like other additional options, this is available for new and used Ford vehicles and gives up to seven years of coverage with unlimited claims.

The exclusions on WindshieldCARE include replacement of the front windshield — if the windshield requires replacement, it is not covered. Only damage to the front windshield is covered, with all other areas excluded. Hail damage is excluded from the warranty policy, as well as any cracks that are greater than 6 inches in length. For some reason, WindshieldCARE is not available in Florida.

Ford TripleCARE

Rather than being a separate warranty option, Ford TripleCARE gives Ford owners the option to bundle DentCARE, TireCARE, and WindshieldCARE into one package. It provides coverage for unlimited mileage, up to seven years with no deductible. All of the exclusionary clauses listed above are applicable to Ford TripleCARE.

What Do You Do After Your Ford Warranty Expires?

expired ford warrantyThe Ford extended warranty is unable to be renewed or extended. If you want continued coverage once your Ford extended warranty has expired, you’ll need to do this via a third-party broker. Some dealerships may allow the warranty to be extended at an additional cost under very limited circumstances, but this should not be relied upon.

Is Your Ford Warranty Transferrable?

Ford extended warranties are transferrable if the vehicle is sold. Transfer fees will vary depending on your location. The warranty must be paid for in full before it is able to be transferred. Some dealerships may require the vehicle to be inspected prior to allowing a transfer, so it pays to check with your warranty provider.

What Will Void My Ford Warranty?

void ford warrantyFord may refuse to honor your warranty if the vehicle is misused in any way, modified with aftermarket parts, or altered from the manufacturer’s recommendations. In reality, whether a warranty is valid is up to the claim assessor’s discretion, and as you can see, there are a large number of conditions that can exclude a warranty claim from being accepted.

How Does a Ford Warranty Compare to a Policy From Protect My Car?

extended car warranty

The extended warranty from Protect My Car does not offer as many optional add-ons as the Ford extended warranty, but overall, it is a more comprehensive policy. When answering the question, should you buy a Ford extended warranty, know that Protect My Car will pay 100% of the cost of an approved repair, whereas Ford often only pays a percentage of the total amount.

Obviously, an extended warranty is worth it on a new car, but if you want to get an extended warranty on a vehicle that isn’t brand new, the Ford extended warranty is not even an option. However, Protect My Car has three different plans to choose from based on the age of your vehicle and how many miles it has.

Every extended warranty plan from Protect My Car comes with 24-hour, seven-day-a-week roadside assistance at no extra cost. Towing can be organized for you as well as reimbursement if a rental car is required. Flexible payment options are available over a period of 36 to 60 months, so you can tailor your payments to suit your budget.

No Matter What You Drive, Your Investment Needs Protecting

Your car is important to you, and that’s why Protect My car makes purchasing an extended warranty as simple as possible, with no hoops to jump through. Getting a quote for a better warranty experience is as easy as calling 1-800-253-2850. Contact us today to enjoy the safety, security, and peace of mind that only an extended warranty policy from Protect My Car can give you.

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