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Should You Buy A Kia Extended Warranty?


The Kia warranty is considered one of the best in the business. They claim their cars are built to last, so it makes sense that their warranties are as well. Over the years, they’ve gone from bankruptcy and near obscurity to becoming the younger, sportier choice for people of all ages. Backing up that quality with a robust warranty is a smart move. Learn more about the Kia extended warranty and decide if it’s the right option for you.

What Does the Kia Warranty Cover?

KIA extended warranty coverageFor five years/60,000 miles, Kia’s basic warranty coverage includes free emergency roadside assistance. With a network of over 17,000 service providers on call 24 hours a day at your service, you’ll be covered anywhere in the country. Get a hand (at no charge) with minor mishaps like dead batteries, flat tires (as long as you have a spare), or running out of gas.

When it comes to emissions, your Kia is guaranteed to perform within the regulations of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and be free from defects in workmanship for 24 months/24,000 miles. This guarantee transfers to the vehicle’s next owner.

All Kia warranties are limited. In fact, most car warranties are. What does that even mean? It means there are exceptions to the rules. But then again, there always are.

What’s Included in the Kia Powertrain Warranty?

Kia includes a 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty on all their vehicles. This robust plan covers a number of repairs and parts through the years, including:

In the Engine:

• Cylinder block and cylinder head.

• All internal parts.

• Timing gear.

• Seals and gaskets.

• Valve cover.

• Flywheel.

• Oil pump.

• Water pump.

• Turbocharger.

In the Transaxle:

• Transmission case.

• All internal parts.

• Torque converter.

• Driveshafts.

• Universal joints.

• Front hubs.

• Bearings, seals, and gaskets.

In the Axles:

• Axle shafts and C-V joints (couplings).

• Seals, hub, and wheel bearings.

In the Transmission:

• Transmission case.

• Transfer case.

• Torque converter.

• All internal parts.

• Seals and gaskets.

In the Differentials:

• Front and rear differential assemblies.

• Cases.

• All internal parts.

• Seals and gaskets.

In the Propeller shafts:

• Driveshafts.

• Universal joints.

Air Conditioner

• First 12 months regardless of mileage.

Audio/entertainment system

• 36 months/36,000 miles.


• 36 months/36,000 miles.

• Bring it in to your Kia dealer for free diagnostic, or installation and battery replacement. But put in a non-Kia battery, and you’re on the hook for all costs.

Brake and clutch linings

• 12 months/12,000 miles.

• If your Kia brake or clutch linings need to be replaced within the first year, you’re covered. Some replacements are caused by environmental concerns (road salt, frequent stop and go traffic), and those aren’t covered.


• 36 months/36,000 miles.

• Discoloration, fading, cracking, chipping, or flaking are all covered.

What Does a Kia Warranty Cost?

cost of kia warranty

Your Kia warranty is free. It’s your promise from Kia that your vehicle was built to last with quality parts. However, if you want to add on an extended warranty, you’ll need to get an estimate from your local dealer, as prices vary depending on location.

How to Get Warranty Service From Kia

You can bring your vehicle to any authorized Kia dealer for service, but preferably the dealer where you made your purchase. If you happen to be outside of the United States, there’s a number provided for you to call. They’ll help you determine where you can find service while traveling.

What Doesn’t the Kia Warranty Cover?

kia warranty no coverageDamages beyond Kia’s control are not covered. These are mostly obvious but include things like:

• Driving over curbs, hazardous objects, road structures, or into construction zones; overloading your vehicle; or racing.

• Accidents, collisions, fire, and theft.

• Altering, modifying, tampering, or rewiring your Kia.

• Damage or corrosion caused by environmental factors (acid rain, airborne fallout, chemicals, tree sap, road salt, hail, wind storm, lightning, floods, and acts of God).

• Damage not considered due to workmanship (fluid spills, carpet burns, etc.).

• Broken windows not due to manufacturer defect.

• Damaging the paint by applying a chemical.

• Installing incorrect tires.

• Installing any part not equal to the original in material quality or workmanship.

• Damage caused by lack of maintenance or using the wrong fuel, oil, or lubricant.

• Materials and products that are intended to wear out are also not covered (parts of the brakes, spark plugs, belts, filters, wiper blades, bulbs, fuses, etc.).

The warranty doesn’t cover some repairs to the UVO (short for Your Voice) system, which includes:

• Improper installation of paired devices like phone or digital media players.

• Malfunctioning paired devices.

• Inadequate signals.

• Misuse like inserting foreign objects.

• Unauthorized modification to functionality or capability.

• Installing unauthorized or unapproved software, upgrades or other modifications.

• Computer or internet viruses, bugs, or worms.

If any extras expenses are incurred due to a repair, those aren’t covered. This includes loss of use of your vehicle, lodging, car rental, travel costs, loss of pay, and any other related costs.

What Isn’t Covered in the Kia Anti-perforation Limited Warranty?

For 60 months/100,000 miles, your vehicle is covered from holes in the metal body panels. However, there are a few scenarios that aren’t covered.

• Perforation due to corrosion caused by industrial fallout, accident, damage, abuse, vehicle modifications, or damaging cargo.

• Surface corrosion caused by sand, salt, hail, or stones.

• Perforations that aren’t part of the body sheet metal — specifically, components of the exhaust system.

• Defects caused by unapproved or non-Kia parts.

What Replacement Parts and Accessories Aren’t Covered by Kia?

Parts and accessories are covered by the Kia warranty except in some situations:

• Damage or corrosion caused by accidents, negligence, improper repairs or adjustments, misuse, alterations, or collision.

• Damage or surface corrosion caused by acid rain, airborne fallout, chemicals, tree sap, stones, salt, road hazards, hair, wind, lightning, floods, and other acts of nature.

• Normal wear and tear or deterioration.

• Air conditioner refrigerant charge after the first 12 months.

• Replacement parts installed on a vehicle in which the odometer has been altered.

• Replacement parts used in ways they weren’t designed or installed improperly.

• Non-Kia replacement parts installed.

If your car is damaged because of the above issues, you’ll need to pay for the repairs out of pocket.

What Vehicle Years Are Covered?

The warranty outlined here is new and applies to vehicles manufactured from 2008. Older Kias are covered by their original warranty, but by now, those terms have expired.

What Extra Options Does a Kia Warranty Have?

Extra Options Kia WarrantyThere are a few different options you can add on to your Kia warranty:

• Kia’s Deluxe Road Hazard Tire and Wheel protection plan includes repair or replacement of tires damaged by road hazards and road surface conditions like potholes, cracks, breaks, and debris. If your wheel can’t be balanced or won’t hold air, or the damage affected the structural integrity of your wheel, Kia will repair or replace your wheel. Cosmetic damage is not included. You’ll enjoy a maximum lifetime benefit of $5,000.

• Kia’s Premium coverage is similar, but it does include cosmetic damage, so dings and scratches are no problem. However, your maximum lifetime benefit of $5,000 still stands, so be careful how and when you choose to use it

For both services, if your tire or wheel can’t be repaired on the same day, don’t fret. Alternative transportation is covered. The plan will reimburse you up to $50 a day for car rental, public transportation, or ridesharing service. If your parts are delayed or the shop makes you wait, unfortunately, that’s not included in the alternative transportation coverage.

You’ll also receive reimbursement of $50 for towing and/or roadside assistance expenses caused by your tire and/or wheel damage.

The Deluxe and Premium plans are optional and cost extra. Talk to your Kia dealer for an estimate. And they only cover your original set of tires until the lowest tread depth reaches 2/32nd of an inch. Some damage isn’t covered if it’s caused by:

• Accidents.

• Theft.

• Vandalism.

• Misuse.

• Negligence.

• Abnormal wear and tear.

What Is the Kia Extended Warranty?

While Kia also consistently ranks high in reliability, when your warranty has expired, an extended warranty can go a long way to offering peace of mind. If you buy a used Kia, even if it’s pre-certified, you may want to protect your investment with an extended warranty to ensure confidence wherever you go. Since research shows Kia owners often keep their vehicles longer than the 10-year warranty covers, an extended warranty might make good sense. You can get extended warranty coverage for these Kia models:

• Rio.

• Optima.

• Niro.

• Carens.

• Soul.

• Cadenza.

• Sportage.

• Carnival.

• Forte.

• K9.

• Sorrento.

• Cerato.

Why does an extended warranty make sense? Imagine, for example, you’re driving your 10-year old Kia Soul, the brand’s current bestseller, and your window controls stopped working. Whether you need a brand new one or just a repair to the current one, it’s going to deplete your bank account by $400-455. It’s a small problem with a big price tag — and no more going through the fast-food drive-through. But with the extended warranty, repairs or replacement are covered. And your warranty can transfer to the new owner you sell your car to.

Even when your Kia is still covered under the 10-year/100,000-mile warranty, an extended warranty will cover these parts/systems not covered by the standard warranty:

• Air conditioner.

• Brakes.

• Cooling system.

• Drive axle assembly.

• Electronic components.

• Front and rear suspension.

• Fuel system.

• Seals and gaskets.

• Transfer unit.

• Transmission.

• Turbocharger/supercharger.

What Do You Do After Your Kia Warranty Expires?

after a warranty expires

Although Kia offers superior roadside assistance and guarantees on parts and labor (compared to other brands), it only protects you for five to 10 years — in other words, the period in which your car will be running at its best and not yet deteriorating or breaking down by age and normal wear and tear. The big problems haven’t yet to rear their ugly heads. Choosing an extended warranty from Protect My Car with road hazard protection will come to your aid after the five- or ten-year mark, and with fewer limitations.

Is a Kia Warranty Transferable?

Kia’s original manufacturer’s warranty is only transferable in a limited way. After the first owner, only the five-year/60,000-mile powertrain coverage is available. So if you bought a used Kia, you’ll only have limited warranty coverage up to five years or 60,000 miles. Beyond that, you’re on your own unless you choose to invest in a third-party extended warranty.

What Will Void My Kia Warranty?

voided kia warrantyThe Kia owner is responsible for properly maintaining and operating their vehicle. This includes keeping records necessary to prove that maintenance has been performed. If not, your warranty will be invalid.

Mess with the odometer or mileage, and you’re not covered. If you need repair work done on the odometer, make sure to visit an authorized Kia dealer to avoid negating the warranty.

If your vehicle should be issued a “salvage,” “total loss,” or similar title by law, a financial institution, or insurance company, your warranty becomes void.

Kia genuine parts are built and tested to exact specifications. If you don’t use genuine Kia parts you’ll void your warranty. And new parts or accessories may only be installed by an authorized dealer.

What Voids the Emissions Part of a Kia Warranty?

Other ways to void the emissions part of your warranty include:

• Using non-Kia parts.

• Not complying with proper maintenance.

• Not maintaining, repairing, or replacing with an authorized Kia dealer.

• Damage caused by accidents or acts of nature.

• Altering the odometer so the mileage can’t be determined (unless by an authorized Kia dealer).

How Does a Kia Warranty Compare to a Policy From Protect My Car?

extended car warranty 336x280

While the Kia warranty already offers you supreme protection on your new vehicle, a Protect My Car extended warranty is another good choice. Car repairs are expensive, and you never know when they’ll occur or how much you’ll be required to pay. While there are many options to get your car back on the road (loans, auto shop credit cards), they don’t alleviate the worry of the unknown and ever-rising costs.

A Protect My Car extended warranty does indeed protect your car, but more importantly, it protects you from the unpleasant surprise of unexpected costs. A manufacturer warranty, as good as it may be, will only provide peace of mind for so long. Once you’ve hit the calendar or mileage milestone, you’re on your own.

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