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PMC Corporate Sponsorships Starts with the ACVPP

One of the more recent companies to help educate our employees on our industry’s rules and guidelines, and is also an important member of the PMC Corporate Partnerships list, is the Association of Certified Vehicle Protection Professionals (ACVPP). The ACVPP is an organization that has been instrumental in setting a national standard for compliant sales practices, as well as a minimum standard of excellence, customer protection, and product knowledge. Here’s the press release that was published about Protect My Car’s certification:

Protect My Car, one of the nation’s leading providers of extended warranty service contracts and affordable maintenance plans for older vehicles, announced today that it is in the final stages of obtaining Academy of Certified Vehicle Protection Professionals (ACVPP) certification for all of its employees. Protect My Car is the first company in the extended warranty industry to commit to certifying its workforce on a nationwide scale.
The ACVPP program is developed, independently validated, and maintained on an ongoing basis through Train, a nationally-recognized certification entity. Each professional who successfully completes the program is trained, tested and certified on a wide range of customer-focused knowledge areas, including: consumer protection measures, types of vehicle service contracts, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, ethical and compliant marketing practices and more.
“The mission of the AVCPP program is to set a high standard in the vehicle service contract industry, and this aligns with our values and vision as well,” commented Ron Roberts, Protect My Car’s VP of Business Development. “Our most important asset is our people. They are on the front-lines serving and supporting our customers across the country. We strongly believe that investing in our employees will not only enhance our customers’ experience and satisfaction, but will strengthen our company’s capacity and competitive advantage.”
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Contact Center Compliance Maintains 100% Compliance

Protect My Car Partners also includes Contact Center Compliance (CCC), a company that provides compliance services to many Fortune 500 companies. There’s a reason CCC has gained the trust of our clients. For more than 10 years, CCC has earned the reputation as experienced professionals in the contact center industry. We pride ourselves on maintaining accurate data, compliance expertise, and establishing a proven track record in the industry. Our client list includes many leading companies who rely on us to save them time and money, ensuring they maintain their peace of mind. Contact Center Compliance is one of the first Protect My Cars Partners.

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Trusted Data & Software Solutions

Protect My Car Partners includes our vehicle data provider: DataOne Software. DataOne Software is a leading vehicle data and software solutions provider for the U.S. and Canadian automotive markets. As we create these products, our focus is on solving our customer’s current, and future, needs with solutions that are easy to integrate and save development time. The relationship between Protect My Car and DataOne has enabled us to develop our own customer relationship management system.



With a policy through Protect My Car, you are getting much more than just a warranty. You’re getting a support team that is ready and eager to assist you, policy benefits that can include free oil changes, tire rotations and roadside assistance, and the peace of mind that Protect My Car has to offer. We recently added on a rewards program to every policy, so not only are you saving in the repair shop, you’re saving on your every-day purchases at major retailers!

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