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We are now hiring licensed Insurance Agents

Protect My Car careers:  Protect My Car is proud to announce that we are now hiring licensed Insurance agents.  Protect My Car is now a licensed Insurance Agency, we have our Agency license in Florida and 12 other States that we selected based on where our highest percentage of customers live since our extended warranty program has been offering these policies direct to consumers for over four years now.  We are always working to add at least 3 – 4 new states every quarter.

Our new agency is something that we are very proud to announce, we want all of our extended warranty customers to know about this recent accomplishment that way they can call in to speak to our insurance department to see what type of savings we can offer them today just for being a customer of Protect My Car.  We would like to invite licensed insurance agents to come out to our office to fill out an application and submit a resume.  Each new applicant will also get a tour of our facilities once the application has been submitted, this will give you an opportunity to meet the PMC Insurance team, get a better understanding of how our processes work, what type of leads you can expect, and you can ask some of our seasoned insurance agents how much money they can expect to make between base and commission each month.

If you decide you want to come join the Protect My Car team, help us contact our warranty customers to provide a no obligation free quote for insurance, just stop in and see us or call and setup an appointment.  Protect My Car’s new insurance sales team has one primary focus, and that focus, is on providing insurance quotes to our active customers.   Protect My Car provides a clean, A rated business complex, with a solid base pay, weekly payroll processing, which means your direct deposit will hit your bank account before work on Friday morning, and that’s for both your salary and your commissions.   After 60 days of employment, you will qualify for health insurance, dental and vision insurance, our 401k plan, as well as many other employee appreciation perks.  All of our employees are offered up to 3 levels of health insurance and Protect My Car does pay 100% of your health insurance for you, the employee is then responsible for the remaining amount of the premium for family coverage.

Protect My Car is very aggressively marketing our extended auto warranty product as well as our auto insurance and homeowners insurance programs to consumers online.  Protect My Car started marketing our extended warranty product direct to consumers approximately 4 years ago, during this time we have sold 38,000 customers in the 12 states that Protect My Car is a licensed Insurance Agency.

This has enabled us to grow our insurance agency very quickly just by following up with our active customers to ask if they are happy with the coverage plan they purchased and if so, our representatives if they have time to speak to one of our insurance agents about saving money on their auto and homeowners insurance policies.  If so, the representative will then send a warm transfer over to the insurance department so the consumer can receive their free no obligation quote on their insurance policy.  This process has set Protect My Car up to be the 4th fastest growing insurance agency offering Progressive policies in the state of Florida something we are very proud of here!  Protect My Car Careers, come in and submit your resume today and join a team that enjoys coming into work each day and making a good living doing it.

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