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Reviews from our customers provides Protect My Car with the opportunity to better our customer support. In fact, we like to display the responses that we receive when a third party customer review company contacts our customers for a survey. This helps us to continuously improve our level of customer satisfaction. For instance, our customers frequently mentioned that they did not like waiting for over an hour for a tow truck to arrive. Protect My Car took that information and now we have a 35-minute roadside guarantee!

Protect My Car cares about our customers and we look forward to serving your future repair needs. Once we do, please take a moment to provide us with a review of your experience. We take every review into account when we decide to make changes to our customer service, claims, and sales policies.

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With a policy through Protect My Car, you are getting much more than just a warranty. You’re getting a support team that is ready and eager to assist you, policy benefits that can include free oil changes, tire rotations and roadside assistance, and the peace of mind that Protect My Car has to offer. We recently added on a rewards program to every policy, so not only are you saving in the repair shop, you’re saving on your every-day purchases at major retailers!

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